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Moscow metro has long ago been recognized as the most elegant and. Many of Moscow's metro stations are architectural masterpieces, heavily themed-up with sculptures, reliefs and mosaics expounding the benefits of a healthy communist life, so expect a full-on dose of soldiers, workers, tractor-drivers, artists and sportsmen.

Please visit for detailed information. At the site, you can, particularly, see all Moscow metro stations (especially “Kaluzhskaya” shoud be of interest), as well as plan your trip route and its duration, using an interactive map at the page

The Moscow Metro not only looks good - it really works efficiently too. Prices are very reasonable (22 rubles (50 eurocents) for a ticket valid for 1 trip city-wide), and the trains run very frequently and very fast. Of course navigating Moscow's metro can be tricky, especially for those who is not so familiar with Russian, since all indicators in Moscow metro are in Russian only (except maps in train cars), all announcements in metro trains are in Russian only too, Russian letters (Cyrillic) more resemble to Greek ones rather than Latin letters: these factors may considerably complicate navigation during complex (with changes) trips. So, one cane advice to plan carefully a route, and remember that all lines of Moscow metro have a specific color and number what may help as an indicator under changes. Of course, the simplest way of navigation in the Moscow metro is just to try to learn Russian letters to read names of stations at indicators. Then, there will be no problems at all.

All foreign INCOM '09 participants, involving registered accompanying persons, will be provided with 10-trips tickets at the registration desk. But to reach the venue, each participant will need to buy at least 1-trip ticket and enter the metro. To buy a ticket, one should apply to a cash desk at a station, and say:

"Odna" (Italic font denotes the accent), what means "One" (for one trip)). The ticket costs 22 rubles. Please take into account that credit cards are not accepted.

Type of tickets Price in rubles How to say in Russian at a cash desk
1 trip 22 Odna
2 trips 44 Dve
5 trips 105 Pyat' (' denotes a soft sound t)
10 trips 200 Desyat' (' denotes a soft sound t)
20 trips 380 Dvadtsat' (' denotes a soft sound t)
60 trips 865 Shest'desyat (' denotes a soft sound t)

To enter through metro turnstiles, one just needs to touch a turnstile yellow circle with the ticket. That is, just "Touch & Go".

If there are, say, two persons going together, there is no need to buy two tickets for 1 trip each. One may buy one 2-trips ticket and go through the turnstile subsequently, that is one yellow circle touch is followed by pass through the turnstile of one person, than the second person does the same.

One should take into account that the tickets looks equivalently for any number of trips:

A required number of trips is recorded into the tickets by cashier under selling.

At the station (either "Novye Cheremushki", or "Belyaevo") which precedes the station "Kaluzhskaya", it will be announced (under train departure): "Sleduyushchaya stantsiya "Kaluzhskaya", what means: "The next station is "Kaluzhskaya". Under arriving to the venue station, there will be announced at once: "Stantsiya "Kaluzhskaya", what means: Station "Kaluzhskaya".

This is a signal to go out from the train and follow the scheme of reaching the INCOM '09 venue. It requires five minutes walk.

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